Company Profile

Head Office 508-3, Kakeomachi, Toyama city, Toyama 939-8212 JAPAN
Founded February 1968
Established November 1979
Capital 100,000,000 Yen
Representative Director and President Akio Mitsuoka
Group Company Fahren Toyama Co., Ltd. / Mitsuoka Motor America Inc.
Total Employees 472 people (As of December 2022: Inclusive of all domestic group)
Bank Information Mizuho Bank Ltd. Hokuriku Bank Ltd. / Shoko Chukin Bank Ltd.
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation / Mitsubishi UFJ Bank Ltd.
Toyama Bank, Ltd. / Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank
Development Bank of Japan

Plant Factory


1968 “Mitsuoka Jidousya Kogyo” founded by Susumu Mitsuoka.
1970 Established the “Car shop Mitsuoka Motor” in Toyama. (Started sales for second hand cars)
1979 Mitsuoka Co., Ltd. was established. (Started a new car dealer business in Toyama)
1981 Established a Tokyo branch office and started deployment of used cars nationwide. Established the research and development department in our Toyama plant factory aimed towards specializing in original car design and production.
1982 Started manufacturing and sales for the Mitsuoka original cars. Launching of the Zero-1. Opening of the Sapporo branch office for used car sales in Hokkaido.
1985 Sendai bypass branch opening. (Started used car sales within the Tohoku area)
1987 Started manufacturing replica type modified cars. Established Mitsuoka Motor America, Inc., Importing and selling US cars.
1991 Established Fahren Toyama Co., Ltd. (Started an authorized dealer business for Volkswagen and Audi in Toyama)
1993 Started manufacturing classic type modified cars
1995 Established BUBU Hokkaido Co., Ltd. (Started an authorized dealer business for Volkswagen and Audi)
1996 Acquired the vehicle type approval for the “Mitsuoka Zero-1”. Through this approval, the company was finally announced as the 10th Authorized Manufacturing Company in Japan.
1997 Established Toyama Chrysler Co., Ltd. (Started Chrysler’s authorized dealer business)
1998 Established Arese BUBU Hokkaido Co., Ltd. (Started an authorized dealer business of Fiat and Alfa Romeo)
2001 Started BUBU Sapporo Co., Ltd. an authorized dealer business for General Motors
Started BUBU Hokuriku Co., Ltd. an authorized dealer business for Hyundai
2002 Founder Susumu Mitsuoka positioned as company chairman, Akio Mitsuoka positioned as the representative director and president.
2003 Established the Mitsuoka Tokuhan Division.
2004 Lamborghini Osaka branch opening. (Started the Lamborghini authorized dealer business)
2009 Started an authorized dealer for BMW (2WD)
2010 Established Mitsuoka Motor (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Operating overseas production plant.
2011 Established Mitsuoka Motor Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Started Thai domestic sales)
2012 Triumph Osaka North opening. (Started the Triumph authorized dealer business)
2013 Launched Maserati Nagoya. (Started Maserati authorized dealer business)
2016 DUCATI Nagami Amagasaki opening. (Started Ducati’s authorized dealer business)