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Mitsuoka recognizes the importance of personal information. Mitsuoka hereby makes known our Privacy Policy, how Mitsuoka acquires, uses, protects and manages personal information which has been provided by customers through our website “”.

Mitsuoka collects personal information, such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, facsimile numbers, email addresses, date of birth and sex, etc. when its customers apply to several services, such as requests for brochures, quotations of new/used cars or reservation of test driving, etc. through this website.

Purpose of usage of collected personal information is to provide its customers with several services which have been requested by its customers. In addition, Mitsuoka may use collected personal information for the purpose of;

* By telephone, email, visit or direct mail

  • Making classified advertisement of Mitsuoka’s products information, events or sales/services campaigns.
  • Sending out questionnaires to improve (or measure/study) customer satisfactions.
  • Sending out questionnaires to examine the trend of market.
  • Making an in-house statistical table.

Collected personal information may be shared with our Group Companies, Mitsuoka’s authorized dealers or sub dealers for the purpose of usages above. In that case, Mitsuoka takes responsibility for managing personal information collected on its customers.

* Information of Our Group Companies and Mitsuoka’s authorized dealers/sub dealers is stated in the following websites.

For the purpose of usage of collected personal information above, Mitsuoka may share the information with third parties in the following cases;

  • Providing home delivery service companies or postal service companies with the information for the purpose of delivering requested brochures, etc.
  • Providing investigating companies with the information for the purpose of entrusting them with a consumer-trend survey, etc.

Unless otherwise advance consents of customers, Mitsuoka will not provide any parties with collected personal information except the cases above. However Mitsuoka may provide the personal information to organizations that deal with emergencies, such as the police force, maritime safety headquarters or the fire department without consents of its customers.

This website contains several links to third-party’s websites. Please check respective policies with regards to the handling of personal information at those websites. You are responsible for your use of this website. Mitsuoka does not assume any responsibilities for any damages arising from the use of various types of information that have been obtained by using personal information from this website or third-party’s websites that have links in this website.

The content on this website is provided “as is” and Mitsuoka makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy, adequacy, completeness, or appropriateness for any particular purpose of any such information.
Mitsuoka does not warrant any information which can be obtained through this website is a computer-virus-free.

Acceptance of Personal Information Disclosure Requests

Mitsuoka accepts requests for personal information disclosure.
Applications can be made for requests regarding disclosure of information and disclosure associated with purpose of usage or amendments of such information. When requesting disclosure, the document for identify verification is also required.
1,000 yen for each disclosure request will be charged as a disclosure request handling fee.

For requesting a designated application form, please contact Mitsuoka Motor Co., Ltd.
Personal Information Office

  • By phone +81(0)76-494-1500 (10:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00 Every day except Saturdays, Sundays and Japanese National Holidays)

The Company will attempt to continue improvements in order to observe any applicable laws and regulations and/or any governmental notifications and guidelines and so that any and all Personal Information may be handled in a proper manner. Any modification thereof will be reflected in this Basic Policy from time to time. Here